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Spring Healthy Eating Tips

Should you buy pre-packaged food2Springtime a time of renewal and freshness when new blooms. It’s also a great time to lighten up the diet and get out and get some fresh air – maybe add a evening hike with the longer hours of daylight.

Here are some great ideas to mix things up with a spring diet starting with breakfast (the most important meal of the day)

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Now off we go to lunch – but what do we make – sure we could do a salad but why not try some of these recipes below.

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The cheesecake


To most people cheesecake is a delicious dessert that is rich creamy and delicious. It might be a lowbrow cake not as fancy as say a termiso but it’s good and popular in New York where I was born and raised.

But to me cheesecake is my nemesis. It is like a fatty monster capable of destroying any diet known to man the temptation too powerful.

I am unable to resist a good cheesecake.

I imagine the cheesecake lives in a cold dark cave of its cardboard box in the deep-freeze section of the supermarket where it waits knowingly; always looking for its next victim.

The cheesecake monster (from here on in let’s refer to said criminal as The Cheesecake) knows that it is delicious irresistible and completely decadent it knows that unlike other desserts it has a unique texture and richness simply unparalleled and it is self aware and knows some people they are helpless around it – so it waits in the cold dark shadows – lurking.

Over the years The Cheesecake and I have battled it out, with The Cheesecake winning most of these battles but I have been good lately. I am only battling it out once or twice a year with The Cheesecake. But I know it plots – I can see it whenever I glance into bakery window! I see you Cheesecake!

evil_cheesecake_icon_by_ember518A few years ago I was out on a date and we decided to go to a local café that specialized in fine deserts. We sat down and looked over the menu and I found a wonderful piece of The Cheesecake to do battle with. This is only one slice of cheesecake but it was a master Cheesecake skilled in temptation beyond any I have ever encountered this ninja cheesecake to leave over walls can handle nun chucks like nobody’s business and throw starts like the best ninjas out there. It had a amazing crust that was sweet but not too sweet and just the right texture and the cheesecake was as tall as I’ve ever seen a cheesecake could be without completely falling over it was moist yet not too moist and the texture was just amazing it was probably the perfect cheesecake is so rich .It was topped with a cherry glaze and just amazing.

Now my date also had her own piece of  chocolate cake…

Starting in with my battle with a beautiful piece of flatware with just the right weight a beautiful large cake fork it was a weapon built to destroy. Like a fine “Japanese steal sword”.

THE CHEESECAKE WOULD BE HELPLESS. I made in on my first attack going into angle and is a lifted the cheesecake and taste of its richness and beautiful texture I knew that it would soon be kicking my ass.

The next bite was even faster more of a direct vertical incision into The Cheesecake, I quickly enjoyed it and try to slow down my pace but the cheesecake was winning – it’s the temptation was to great.  I had another bite and another and another and it was getting out-of-control the cheesecake was slaughtering me, ninja stars of crust were flying in the air.

I wasn’t even talking to my poor date nor enjoying my beautiful cappuccino in fact the restaurant was lost to me all I could think about was The Cheesecake.

I looked up at my date and she had this look on her face as if you think I was from another planet. I was eating too much of this cheesecake and like a good girlfriend she knew that I was getting out-of-control and the cheesecake was winning.

So she decided to take up arms and join the battle by lifting up her heavy knife high above the cake and she looked at me and said Noo !  don’t have another bite.

But I was in the fog of dessert war and helpless with a lusting desire to enjoy this cheesecake and the creamy richness so overwhelming sweetness the tartness the amazing cheesecake. I just had to have another bite and I could see it in the the eyes of my date that this would be a challenge the knife threatening total destruction of the cheesecake loomed large and I felt I had to make my move and I slowly moved in with my steal fork inching slowly towards the cake.  My date wielded her knife and smashed the goodness – the- cake–lifeforce. Snuffed out. It’s God-given structure just flattened into mush.

I felt defeated on so many levels and to this day the night haunts me – we broke up soon after this battle.

Flash forward a few years and picture this my family in town hell bent on supporting my diet but at the same time Irish and catholic enough to torture me with temptation while they watched the battle between Cheesecakes and I.

We were eating Italian again like a good Irish family should and a New York style cheesecake Was in order and the request made.

I was ready to do battle so I volunteered to buy the cake went to Trader Joe’s and I found that they had a really delicious New York style cheesecake in a blue box so I went to the store got my cheesecake put in my cart am heading to the register I’m staring at the box and I swear it’s talking to me cheesecake it said, CHEESECAKE.

I think I had to wipe drool for my face in anticipation of the delicious firm cheesecake, honestly I don’t know if I make it to the register without opening up the box and starting to eat the cheesecake right there and then.

It looks fantastic. If you never had a New York style cheesecake before I should tell you a little bit and what makes this particular cheesecake that much more delicious and alluring.

To start off with it’s like a New Yorker it’s not fancy it’s the real deal it’s cheese and his cake has a really good crust and it’s firm as all hell it’s like from the Bronx.

“…the proper New York cheesecake has a simple and unchanging list of ingredients: cream cheese, eggs, sugar, vanilla, and heavy cream. The result is light as gauze. It also packs the wallop of a professional boxer.”


It had been a while since I had a true New York style cheesecake and I’m from New York and I really do appreciate it.

it is a tough competitor and nemesis it is the cheesecakes of all cheesecakes . It’s sweet with just a hint of tartness and firm yet creamy and so delicious. If done right the crust is delicious and as fresh as the waitress at a dinner.

The night was special and that the family was in town and the family knew and was ready to support me in my diet which at the time was a mix between the dash diet and a Mediterranean diet just something with low carb and healthy foods that are low in fat really heart healthy so you can imagine they want to site about me having cheesecake they figured more for them right?

That dinner was great find home cooked meal what it was I couldn’t tell you because I was only thinking of the cheesecake and then pending battle.

We plated the cheesecake with nice white plates and it looked delicious, the slices with white plates all lined up perfectly triangular and round plates for the guests

I tried to pace myself but I was eating the cheesecake a little quicker than most and I was done before everyone else so I put in for it down on the plate and skidded my chair back.

Eyes of my family my supporters my team my army where there to show their support and they did all that hold me back from getting up for seconds of the cheesecake well happy table meandered to watch the bachelor on television and sit on our couch I was stuck there looking at multiple plates multiple slices with just me and my fork.

What goes through my mind?

Why can’t I just be satisfied with one piece? But to me the battle was still in play. So I ate in a second piece of cake standing there looking at the other sizes not even bothering to sit down or enjoy or take my time piece after piece I ate the cake nobody was watching my team at abandoned me for the Bachelor season 20 and it was mid season so everyone was glued to the tube like you wouldn’t believe wondering who was going to get the Rose and what drama wouldn’t sue while I was having my own drama right there with the cake… the cheesecake!!!

I ran I basically bolted with a cup of tea to the Bachelor and my family wrapped up the cheesecake and put it away hiding away from my eyes deep in the refrigerator it would haunt me all night into the morning but I would resist and ultimately it would find its fit them in my mother who enjoyed the last glorious piece without even telling

Two battles both lost and I try to keep things at bay avoiding bakeries and Pinterest but eventually will do battle again hopefully not for another few months until then cheesecake




What it means to be gender-fluid

ffd650e0aaf2f26db5453f804cc3c685What is gender-fluid and where does it fall in the transgender spectrum (if at all) ? To answer this questions I took to the web – this is by no means a complete answer but I hope a place to start – I hope that others might comment below so we can have an open discussion on what it means to be Gender-fluid and touch loosely on some other Transgender issues as well.

For some people, gender is not just about being male or female; in fact, how one identifies can change every day or even every few hours.

Gender fluidity, when gender expression shifts between masculine and feminine, can be displayed in how we dress, express and describe ourselves.
Everyone’s gender exists on a spectrum, according to Dot Brauer, director of the LGBTQA Center at the University of Vermont. Progressive gender expression is the norm for the university, which offers gender-neutral bathrooms and allows students to use their preferred names.
“If you imagine the spectrum and imagine the most feminine expression you have ever seen and most masculine you have ever seen and just sort of imagine where you are on that,” Brauer said.
Brauer, who identifies as gender-queer and prefers the pronoun “they,” said gender identification is about what feels right for the person.
Source : CNN.

So many amazing people identifying with being Gender fluid – this kind of diversity should be celebrated and supported.

Gendarfld at Apr 23 13-43-17


tumblr_o5mtmo33u71rms5soo1_500From Tumblr …


There aren’t just two genders,
No you don’t determine what gender I am,
What’s between my legs doesn’t either. Don’t be upset when you accidentally call me by a wrong pronoun,
I understand if you are learning,
But if you acknowledge that I am a certain gender on a day,
And dismiss that and call me by my birth gender,
There will be problems,
I won’t get angry if you forget sometimes,
Because you are learning to deal with my gender change,
Because you have to adjust,
Just like I have to adjust,
We will learn and grow together,
Just like everyone around us.
Hi I’m genderfluid, I am a real person,
Please acknowledge who I am.

There are a lot of issues and the discrimination against transgender people seems to be on the rise . I reached out to some folks on Twitter and they gave me permission to use their tweet here. This is broader then GenderFluid but I think it is important to give voice to those who need it most.

  1. Transgender people should be granted access to the toilet suited to their gender. Simple.

  2. Transgender girls do not put the effort in to be exactly how they feel and deserve to be to sneak a look at your child in the toilet.