An easy and perfect manicure

Manicure-tips What makes you look more polished that a nice manicure? It’s easy to do at home, and relatively inexpensive in a nail salon. Either way, may sure your nails look good–its a big reflection on your appearance.

First you want to clean and file nails. This is the basis of your perfect manicure! Even if you’re not wearing polish, soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover and swipe across nails. This will remove manicure-beauty-tips-150x117any excess oils or soap than can cause peeling once your polish is applied, as well as any leftover polish. If your nails are stained from polish or smoking, soak then in a solution of lemon juice and water, then moisturize the cuticle area.

File your nails to shape then, and even out the length. The most flattering nail shape is not long or short or square, it’s “squoval” — not quite square and not oval. Get the look yourself by filing nails into a shape that mirrors the curve of your nail base. Square tips are no longer in fashion, and they make you fingers look short and stubby–the “squoval” shape is much more appealing and attractive. For a perfect manicure, make sure the nails are of an even length–compare the same nail on both hands.

Apply a base coat, and let dry thoroughly. Choose a neutral color if your nails are short–or go all out with a bright color, and even add a nail art design! Don’t shake the nail polish bottle, instead roll it between your palms. This mixes the polish without causing bubbles that will appear as imperfections on your nails. Hold the brush between your thumb and middle finger while resting your forefinger on the top of the cap to steady your hand.
Apply 2-3 thin layers of colored polish. First, brush on a thin steady layer of polish down the middle, then one on the left and one on the right. After the first coat dries for a couple minutes,add one more coat, then follow up with a thin layer of nail-hardening topcoat. Allow this to dry completely. Once your manicure is complete, run an orange stick dipped in nail polish remover along either side of nail to fix any mistakes.

If you need to leave the house before your manicure is dry, put cuticle oil over the polish. This will keep anything from sticking. It will also help clean up any mistakes if you’ve gone over your nail area.

For an extra spa feeling to your home manicure, place a moist towel in the microwave for a couple of minutes, then slather your hands with your best moisturizer and wrap them in the warm towel for a few minutes.

There you have it–a simple manicure that will keep your hands looking great, and should last 2-3 weeks! Wear rubber gloves when washing dishes or gardening to make it last!


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