Beauty secrets of coconut oil

1Beauty secrets of coconut oilOne of the beauty secrets of coconut oil is that it is amazingly versatile. 100% virgin coconut oil is also great for cooking because it contains laurie acid, which is said to boost your metabolism. It also has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties. As a beauty treatment, coconut oil is a fabulous moisturizer. If you’ve never used it before, don’t be surprised that it’s not as liquid as other oils like almond or olive oil. You can use it much like shea butter… massage a tiny bit into dry elbows, hair, cracked or chapped skin, or calluses to soften and moisturize.
2Beauty secrets of coconut oilIt’s important to buy extra-virgin coconut oil. If you’re using it in the kitchen, a large tub of it is a great way to economize. Coconut oil is used as a sweetener in all kind of delicious “raw” desserts, so if you like it as a cleanser and a sweetener, ordering it online from natural food or herbal supplement sites is the way to go.
3Beauty secrets of coconut oilThe most surprising beauty secret that coconut oil holds? It’s not just an amazing moisturizer, it’s effective as a cleanser. This natural beauty tip may take some getting used to, and your skin (if it’s particularly oily) may need a few days to adapt. Your skin is used to being cleansed with soap (hopefully a very gentle one!) and now you’ll be using an oil. But if you give coconut oil a chance, you’ll see the wonderful results of this beauty secret.
When using coconut oil (or any oil) as a facial cleanser, you’ll need to make sure you thoroughly steam it out of your pores after applying it. Apply a thin mask of coconut oil to your damp face. You don’t need too much, and if your skin is not dampened, the oil won’t absorb as well. A perfect way to help steam your skin it to apply it while you’re taking a warm shower. Then cover your face with a very warm washcloth, and let the steam work its magic for about five minutes. This will steam the oil out of your pores, bringing with it the natural oils in you face that may be clogging the pores. This all may sound counterintuitive, but most people will see wonderful results, especially those with combination skin. The secret of coconut oil is that it cleans and moisturizes.

You can use coconut oil every day to wash your face. Just always be sure to steam your skin–the idea is to let the oil absorb into your pores, but also make sure it gets out of your pores. Your skin will be naturally moisturized, and the added bonus–coconut oil smells great! You’ll be reminded of a beach on a tropical island.


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