Begin Your Yoga Journey With

Begin Your Yoga Journey With
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One of my 2011 resolutions were to start on a daily yoga routine. I went looking on the internet for a website that could help me relax my mind and my body. I came across a site called Yoga Journal. I immediately fell in love. This website is a one stop shop for everything that has to do with Yoga

An Amazing Yoga Reference for Beginners
I knew very little about Yoga when I went to this website and I had no idea where to begin. When you first go on the website you will see 12 tabs at the top of the page. You can use these tabs to easily navigate the website. There is even a “Basics” tab just for beginners! Under this tab you can find articles that will help you learn how to use Yoga properly. There is also a question and answer section for beginners that will answer a lot of questions you might have about getting started with yoga routine. There is also a practice page that I used to learn how to breath, sit and stand properly. This site gives you every tool possible in order to start your yoga routine with confidence.

Begin Your Yoga Journey With Makes Perfect
The saying “practice makes perfect” rings true for Yoga. When you start your body may not be very responsive to the yoga and your body might hurt. The site provides a “practice” tab that will help encourage you to stick to your yoga routine. For example there is a section under the “practice” tab that is entitled meditation. Meditation is a really important part of doing yoga and you need to know how to do it properly. Here you can read articles about how to meditate and how meditation can help your yoga routine. You can also learn under the “practice” section how to learn in the comfort of your home. The more comfortable you are in your routine the better the experience will be.

Buy all Your Merchandise Here
This site even sells everything you need in order to get started with your yoga routine. originally started out as a magazine full with excellent articles on how yoga can affect your life. From the yoga shop you can buy a subscription to their magazine to help you with your new hobby. D.V.D’s help people learn how to do yoga posses a lot easier. The trainer on film can help you step by step on new and old posses. The yogajournalshop is filled with different D.V.D’s that can help novice and advanced yoga users succeed in all of their routines. If videos are not your thing than you can easily buy a book from your site. There are plenty of novice books that take you step by step through the beginners journey.

Begin Your Yoga Journey With The Lifestyle
Most yoga experts agree that yoga is not just a workout but an entire lifestyle. Yoga does not only relax you but it can also help you to loose weight as well(this is the main reason I started this routine). Under the “lifestyle” tab you can find healthy and yummy recipes that can help you stay in shape. The meals are not nasty bread and water meals either. The meals include a delicious Ravioli and Sweet Potato sauce. There is no need to starve yourself when going on your journey. After one of your hard yoga workouts you can relax with a Three Citrus Basil drink that is sure to cool you down.

All the Help you Need
Most important when starting a Yoga routine is that you have all the tools that will help you get started. will help you do that and carry you through your entire yoga journey.



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  • March 7, 2011 at 5:24 pm

    Thank you for the info. and the links. I fell out of my yoga routine when I had kids. I want to start up again but want to get flexibility back at home. I don’t feel like I have the time to do this at the gym. It would be nice to lose some weight this way.


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