Caffeine, what’s it doing in there?

1Caffeine, what’s it doing in thereMany people are completely addicted to substance. Caffeine. Some can’t wake up without it. You might be surprised at some of the other things it does to you.

  • Increases the rate of calorie burn for a few hours after consumption
  • In high amounts, can adversely affect fertility
  • It leeches calcium out of your bones (makes them weaker)
  • Increases endurance and speed

2Caffeine, what’s it doing in thereLike most things you put into your body – moderation is key. Caffeine has mixed effects: some good, some bad. There are a few groups who shouldn’t partake of the Javajuice at all – namely small children and pregnant women will be given a variety of advice. Some doctors will tell you to limit your intake to less than 100mg/day (about 2 cups of tea) or skip it all together.

Enjoy your jolt in moderation. Try a new way to wake up. Maybe move your exercise to a brisk walk immediately after you wake. Maybe try some tea, which has half the caffeine, instead of coffee. Mix it up!


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