Can you enjoy your eggs?

1Can you enjoy your eggsEggs are, well, supposed to be bad for you right? It is drummed into our heads that eggs are an unhealthy food choice with too much cholesterol. A new study, soon to be released in The European Journal of Nutrition says something completely different about The incredible edible egg™.

Researchers had some participants in a clinical study follow a calorie restricted diet that included a breakfast of two eggs each day. At the end of the 12 week study the participants in that group lost weight and lowered their cholesterol, despite eating 100% of the daily allowance of cholesterol in those two eggs alone.

Dr Griffin said: ‘There is no convincing evidence to link an increased intake of dietary cholesterol or eggs with coronary heart disease. Indeed, eggs make a nutritional contribution to a healthy, calorie-restricted diet.’

2Can you enjoy your eggsWhy did this work? Researchers believe that the eggs made for a nutritious breakfast that kept the participants full throughout the morning, thereby staving off the “grazing” that is the death knell of even the most carefully prepared meal plans. The key is that eggs are low in saturated fat, which is still thought to directly contribute to cholestrol levels in the blood.




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