Clean the Green way for the Holidays

1Clean the Green way for the HolidaysIt is that time of year again when we want our homes to be clean and presentable for the revolving door of guests. This is a great time to consider transforming your cleaning routine to include more green products.

The chemicals used in many household cleaners can be quite harmful to our health and the environment. Consider some natural cleaners as alternatives that will still do a wonderful job. Another great benefit of these items is that they are likely already in your house, which will save money.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a great cleaner. It’s abrasive properties are excellent for removing the extra tuff grime and soap scum often found in the tub and shower. When combined with water, baking soda really goes to work to eat away dirt.


Vinegar is a great all-purpose cleaner. It is especially useful on surfaces where you don’t want to leave streaks like windows and mirrors. Start with hot water loosen stuck-on dirt. Then, clean windows or mirrors with pure white vinegar. Try a reusable bamboo cleaning cloth too.


Lemon is a good bleach alternative.  It’s added to just about every household cleaner so why not skip the chemicals and go for the straight lemon. You can rub lemon directly on tough stains in your tile and grout.


2Clean the Green way for the HolidaysOld fashioned, unscented soap in liquid or powders are biodegradable and will clean just about anything. Avoid soaps with petroleum distillates.

So, don’t worry about stocking up on chemical cleaners to get the house ready for visitors.  Use all natural agents instead. Help save the planet while saving yourself a trip to the store for costly cleaners as well.

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