Do It Yourself Spa In 7 Steps

1Do It Yourself Spa In 7 StepsCreate a spa at your home. For a Do It Yourself Spa, you must first create the ambience at your home for a spa-like experience. This is for those who have never had a spa experience.

Start by creating the right atmosphere and the right attitude for pampering yourself. The various treatments like homemade facial masks, aroma therapy, and others follow later.

2Do It Yourself Spa In 7 StepsCreate A Spa In 7 Steps

  • Clean your bathroom first.
  • Get your favorite candle or room spray. Use one with essential oils. They affect your mood.
  • Get some fluffy towels. Remove your body-hugging outfit and slip in a robe and slippers. Let your body breathe.
  • There are a plethora of home spa treatments. Choose one that suits you and collect the essential ingredients for the treatment. Get all the ingredients together before you start your spa day.
  • Play your favorite music at the background. Pick your favorite novel or magazine. In other words, do the thing that you love the most. This is your day today. You don’t “have to”, you just “want to.”
  • Make some green tea or a fruit smoothie or hot cocoa. This is the time when you can happily sink your teeth into your favorite chocolate treat or double cheese pizza. For this once, forget about your weight and calories. Just enjoy. Besides, dark chocolate is good for your heart and provides you anti-oxidants.
  • Don’t rush. Do everything in a relaxed manner, as if you have absolutely nothing to worry about in this world. (Yes, you can think like this!)

Aromatherapy At Do It Yourself Spa

Beautiful young woman applying organic cosmetics to her skin
Beautiful young woman applying organic cosmetics to her skin

Aromatherapy is one of the best day spa treatments. It involves the use of plant oils to induce physical and mental health and peace. The belief is that different fragrances affect your state of mind. For example:

  • for calming effect, choose rose or chamomile
  • for soothing your senses, choose vanilla or lavender
  • for relaxation, choose neroli or clary sage
  • for inducing clarity of mind, choose peppermint or rosemary

In many spas, professionals choose the essential oil based on your personality for more positive effect. This therapy begins with essential oils basically. Today, you can get products containing these oils, like candles, room sprays, oil burn pots, reed diffusers, and others.

Hot Tip:

Take a one-ounce glass misting bottle containing distilled or spring water. Add 7-8 drops of the essential oil. Shake it well. Spray it in the room. You got a lovely aromatic spa at your home!

You can call your friends over and have a wonderful time at your home spa. How about making this Do It Yourself Spa a ritual that you do once a month? You’d be surprised to find the difference it creates in your beauty and attitude. People cannot miss the glow on your face, your beautiful body, and that confident attitude. This you get without spending bundles of dollars at the city spa. Moreover, if you love to spend time alone, this is the best thing to do for quality “me” time.


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