Earn Your Thanksgiving Dinner

You can stack the odds in your favor this Thanksgiving by earning your dinner. This idea has probably been suggested before, but you can take it one step further by timing your workout to turn your Thanksgiving meal into a post-exercise fuel-up.

Since most people eat dinner early, it should not be a problem to schedule your daily exercise session just before dinner. And don’t let a family get-together ruin your plan. Instead, invite them all to join in a game of football, basketball, softball, or any team activity. Depending upon where you live, perhaps hiking or skiing are more appropriate. But it doesn’t matter so much what you do. The bottom line is that a good old-fashioned active family exercise session is not only great fun but also a fantastic way to work up an appetite.

Plus, if you time this right, you’ll get an added benefit. Finish just in time to shower, gussy up, and get to dinner. Your body will then better utilize those calories. Not only that, but after exercising, when your body is tired, it’s less apt to overeat, since it naturally wants enough calories to recover, but not so many that it has to spend extra energy digesting.


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