Easy up-do’s and bun hairstyles

1Easy up-do’s and bun hairstylesIf you have long hair and it’s warm outside, an up-do is an easy and pretty hairstyle that takes only a few minutes to do. The “messy bun” is a popular trend, but sometimes it just looks like a mistake–even a messy up-do takes work.

Do you have short hair but still like the look? Beauty supply stores have pretty long locks of hair or even elastic hair extensions that can give you the illusion of having long hair pulled into a knot, making an easy bun hairstyle even for short hair.

A bun hairstyle can work for everyday, or can be perfect for a formal occasion. You’ll see many severe top-knot buns on celebrities or on the runway, but that can look a little out of place in real life. A low bun, or a sleek up-do both look feminine and polished–and natural!

2Easy up-do’s and bun hairstylesFrench braids or plaited buns are a great look for long hair. Learn to french braid, or even try just a plain braid from three sections of your hair.  You can even find french braid hair extensions to wrap around your short ponytail.

The basics that you’ll need are an elastic band or two,  a few hairpins, a bit of hair gel or hairspray to slick it back, a hand mirror to see what yore doing, and a sock (yes a sock!) if you want a fuller-looking bun.

If you have thin hair, try this easy up-do hairstyle. Slick back your hair with a little  gel, and pull your hair back into a ponytail with an elastic. Then use a 3-inch-long part of a stretchy sock, cut and rolled into a doughnut shape to go around your ponytail.

3Easy up-do’s and bun hairstylesPlace the hair around the ponytail, then fold the hair back over the sock, securing it with another elastic. Use you mirror to make sure it’s evened out and neat, then spritz with a little hairspray to keep the hair in place. Here is a look using the sock method to give you a nice full look for your bun.

Pretty! It gives even thin hair a lot of volume. Very chic. here’s another version using a sock to give a little fullness to your up-do hairstyle. It really works!

So for day or evening, try out an easy bun hairstyle for a new look!

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