Eating Well Menu Planner

It makes a huge difference in your week if you plan your menu ahead of time, and shop all at once. Some weeks it seems impossible to think of what to make. Or maybe there’s not enough time to pull out the cookbooks and look through them.

There are tons of pay services that will email you a menu and shopping list, but they aren’t all healthy. Plus Eating well magazine has a free online program you can use! They even have a journal, a calorie and weight tracker, plus a shopping list.

When you sign up you’ll enter in your weight and height. From there your BMI will be calculated and you can choose if you want to maintain your current weight or lose some weight. Then you will be taken to the menu planner. You search through the eating well recipe database, and drag your choices to the menu.

The recipes list the calories contained in one serving, so it’s easier to keep on track. As you select your meals and move them over, the program adds up your daily calories. Each dish you pull over has a recipe link that’s listed as more. Click on it and you get a printable recipe for that dish.

Once you’ve selected all your meals for that week, you can click shopping list to get the list of items you need. The shopping list is a little lacking though. It lists items by dish and day, so you have to add them up yourself to really have it save you time in the store.

Overall, it’s a great addition to a healthy stress free week!


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