Eco-Chicks:Going Green News Just for the Ladies

1Eco-ChicksGoing Green News Just for the LadiesThe moment you read this websites tag line your hooked: Eco-Chick because mother nature is a women. With the massive campaign for people to go green and start protecting their environment, it is really great to find a site that caters to what women want when going green.

2Eco-ChicksGoing Green News Just for the LadiesThe blog is not complicated and does not have a lot of different sections. It is a simple blog that updates you on recent news in the eco-friendly news. Do you ever get tired of the health sites with a million different tabs and directions? Well if so this site provides you with a “drink your coffee and relax feel”. The site has a great mix of in-depth interview and casual reading news. For example on the first page there are about three really in-depth interviews. One interview is for the fasionista women about a eco-friendly fashion journalist named Emma Grady. If fashion is not something you like reading about then maybe interior design is and they have you covered for that too.Eco-chick shows just how advance they are by publishing an interview with Robin Wilson ( a decorator to the Kennedy’s and Clintons)! The interview is very interesting and talks about how this decorator works hard to inform home owners about detoxing their homes. The article even gives first hand tips from the designer about how to keep your house eco-friendly and toxic free.

3Eco-ChicksGoing Green News Just for the LadiesThis site is no small fry. The articles are so in-depth and creative that they would easily rival any Green magazine on the shelf. Maybe it has been a long day for you and you just want some good old fashion celebrity news. They have that too. I was just reading about how Amanda Seyfried fashion stays eco-friendly. Make sure you visit Eco-Chic when you need some tips on staying green or just want an excellent read.

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