Eco-Friendly Fall

Eco Friendly reusable bag

Go Green” is the latest slogan worldwide. So, why should you lag behind when the world is putting up the “green” face? The cosmetic industry is flooded with eco-friendly women’s health products. You can find an array of beauty products with the green label. Everybody is going crazy over the idea of doing something for the planet.

Organic Food

It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. The world is headed for doom, if we do not start caring for it now. The best you can do is start with your own home. Why not begin with your food plate? Take a hard look at your kitchen cabinet and the fridge. Is it stuffed with processed foods? Do this: dump them straight in the trash. Visit an organic store and stock fresh, organic fruits and vegetables in your fridge.

After this, take a look at your cooking method. Do you deep fry your food? Stop at once. You’re not only building up fat in your body, but also diminishing the nutrient value of your food. Try healthy slow cooker recipes. Get a crock pot and learn several vegetarian slow cooker recipes. Every night, treat your family to a delicious and nutritious dinner.

Organic Make-up

It’s time to turn to your make-up kit and throw away those synthetic beauty items. Get herbal products, mineral make-up, and other healthy women’s health products that tend to have a lesser chemical effect on your delicate skin.

Why not try home-made facial treatments, DIY spa treatments, and other natural remedies to beautify yourself? The wonderful thing about such home made products is that once you use them, you want to use them again. They leave you feeling fresh and glowing, that too, without spending much.

Organic Living

Gradually, as you get accustomed to using “green” things in your kitchen and personal care, you can introduce more such items around the house. Use eco-friendly cleaning products for your carpet and floor. Avoid using plastic bags. Replace them with cloth, paper, or jute bags. Grow plants around your home; you can even put indoor plants.

Apart from using eco-friendly women’s health products, you must develop an attitude to care for Mother Earth. Want to visit the nearby grocery store? Drop your car keys. Walk instead!


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