Enjoy your pregnancy

2Enjoy your pregnancyIt is important to take care of yourself while pregnant. You should eat healthily, exercise and get plenty of rest. You shouldn’t gorge yourself to a 100 pound weight gain. But, you shouldn’t swing the other way either.

There’s a growing trend of women who are so obsessed with their weight gain in pregnancy that they go too far and become what some are calling “pregorexics.” They exercise obsessively and nearly, or even truly, starve themselves in a bid to gain as little weight as possible.

Pregnancy is not the time to diet or push yourself so hard.

Dr. Holly Phillips said women cross the line into pregorexia “when they start to change their behaviors and really focus only on that number on the scale, only on their weight. That’s when it gets dangerous. … Everything you do during pregnancy, including your diet and exercise, should be for your health not for your weight.”

1Enjoy your pregnancyExcessive calorie restriction can cause a host of complications for your unborn child. Pregnancy is a time to nurture the growing baby. Take care of yourself and your unborn baby, expect to gain some weight and most of all just focus on being as healthy, overall, as you can.


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