Exercises to avoid!

Damaging-exercisesYes, exercises to avoid! WebMD has great photo essay detailing exercises that are likely to do more harm than good and may even end up hurting you. Here are a few from the list to watch out for:

Lat Pull-down Behind the Head
-Very few are equipped to do this properly and it is likely to hurt your shoulder or neck
Alternative: Lat Pull-down in Front of the Body

Military Press Behind the Head
-Similarly positioned to the lat pull-down and can lead to the same injuries
Alternative: Hold the bar in front of your head

Upright Row
-Shoulder damage is likely any time you’re pulling something heavy under the chin
Alternative: Lateral Shoulder Raise

It’s important that everyone exercise, and stregth training is a vital component to a great routine. But make sure you do it safely. Follow the proper positioning and heed warnings. Get your workout, but don’t injure yourself in the process!


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