Five Strange Ways to Have a Healthy skin

Getting healthy and beautiful skin is a dream for every woman. But sometimes it becomes a bit tough to get. Women who are working spend less time on their beauty regimen and they sometimes strive hard to get a beautiful skin. Here are some tips by which they can afford easily and can get a beautiful skin out of it.

Use of Neem Leaves

2Five Strange Ways to Have a Healthy skinNeem is another effective method of clearing acne naturally. Neem has been used for thousands of years in the past to clear many skin problems. Also because of the fungicidal property it has like Gedunin and Nimbidol, it has been known as one of the best effective scar removal treatment any one should use.


1Five Strange Ways to Have a Healthy skinMake sure that you have enough of water as it helps you in getting rid of toxins that do not make the body system to act well. It has been known world over that water has lots of medicinal properties that can used to enhance the functioning of the body system optimally. Thus to get rid of acne, you have to consume water to make your body hydrated every time

Avoid too much exposure to the sun’s UVB rays.

3Five Strange Ways to Have a Healthy skinIt has been scientifically proven that excessive sunshine can lead to premature aging of your skin resulting in wrinkles and sagging which make you look years older than you are by the way, lying for hours in the local tanning booth can be just as harmful. SO make sure to apply a good quality of sunscreen (at least SPF 30)  to all the parts of the body which could come in contact with the sun.

Don’t use any skin care products with harsh chemicals.

This is one that is vitally important. Always take time to look at the labels on the skin care products you buy. So many ingredients can be harmful both short and long-term and knowing what they are can help to keep up skin health. Don’t be caught out using ingredients that can cause irritation, inflammation, dryness and lots of other complaints. Fragrances of all kinds are definitely out as well as some types of alcohols and parabens. My advice would be to have a look on any reliable website on skin care and find out which particular ones you would be advised to avoid.

Wash your pillow case regularly

You may wonder what this has to do with the health of your skin, but think about it; your face is pressed up against your pillow case for give or takes 8 hours a day. That is a third of your life! If your pillowcase is dirty then you are pressing all of that filth against your skin for hours at a time. This is one reason that people with generally clean skin can still find themselves getting breakouts. If you want to avoid breakouts caused by dirty substances left on your pillowcase, simply change out pillowcases at least once a week.It would keep both your skin and scalp problem free.


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