Flu Vaccines Coming Soon

1Flu Vaccines Coming SoonFlu season will be upon us soon, which means, at least in the US, that vaccinations in your area may start as early as this month. Every year the government rolls out a massive campaign to get as many people as possible protected against the flu. The young, the elderly, and caregivers of those at risk are the most recommended groups to get vaccinated, but ideally, the CDC would like to give the shot, or the nasal-spray to everyone.

2Flu Vaccines Coming SoonSoon, you should see announcements for vaccinations in your areas. Sometimes, employers take extra steps to bring the vaccines directly to their employees. Schools often offer the vaccines for free. There are many, many ways in every area for you to get the vaccine. It’s not compulsory but it is very beneficial.

Visit the CDC Vaccination page for more information.



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