Tips For A Great Green Halloween® Halloween Party

eco friendly halloweenTips For A Great Green Halloween® Party

Thanks to the initiative taken by an environmentally conscious mother in Seattle, the idea of Green Halloween® was launched in 2007. It was aimed to motivate parents, kids, communities, and schools to create awareness about the planet and celebrate Halloween in a healthier and greener way.

Each one of you can do your bit to contribute to the welfare of our planet. You need not take huge steps or join big organizations for helping save our planet. Start from your own home. Why not start this Halloween?

What Kids Can Do For Green Halloween®

Do you know we use 10 million paper bags annually? This number is just a small chunk of the whopping 380 million and more plastic bags that we use.

Halloween is the best time to start doing something for the environment. This holiday, forget all the plastic bags and those plastic jack-o-lanterns. Bring out those canvas bags.

One of the benefits of using reusable bags is they are durable. So, kids can stuff them with many treats.

And why not try healthier and yummier treats this Halloween? There are lots of lip-smacking Halloween recipes that you can prepare as treats for the neighborhood.

Want to do something different? Forget the edible treats and give something that can be used later. How about giving boxes of crayons, pencils, animal-shaped erasers, money or protein bars?

Tips for a Green Halloween® Party

  • Use recyclable materials for Halloween decorations.
  • Use more home items for decorations rather than buying from the stores. For example, you can use white bed sheets for hanging tree ghosts.
  • Use cutlery, dishes, tablecloths, and napkins that can be reused. Avoid the disposable ones, no matter how convenient they are.
  • Guide the kids to collect their candy wrappers in a reusable bag during the party. When on the street, they can throw them in recyclable trash cans.

Your Halloween party should feature organically grown pumpkins. Nowadays, it’s easier to get organic food.

Once the party is over, you can use carved edible items in soups, pies and other Halloween party recipes. The pumpkins seeds can be served as a delightful treat for your guests. Roast these seeds and add some spices. Mix them well and serve them in cones made from recyclable paper. It’s fun to hold these paper cones and munch from them!

Continue this eco-friendly lifestyle throughout the year and not just this holiday. Only then you continue the real purpose of Green Halloween®.


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