Halloween Recipes – We Dare You To Eat These!

You’ve heard of many Halloween recipes, but these are going to take the proverbial cake! Are you ready to try these devilishly delicious recipes?

Plateful of Pimples

YOU NEED: one dozen drained cherry tomatoes, flavored soft cream cheese spread.


With the help of a knife, core the tomatoes.
Stuff the tomatoes with cream cheese.
Gently squeeze them and place them on the plate.

Doesn’t it look like an oozing pimple?

That’s just the start of prankster Halloween recipes.

Eyeballs On A Plate

YOU NEED: 6 hard boiled eggs, 7 ounces green olives (with pimiento), 6 ounces whipped cream cheese, red food coloring, a toothpick.


De-shell the eggs.
Remove the yolks.
Stuff the empty whites with whipped cream cheese. This forms the eyeball.
Place an olive on each eyeball with the pimento facing up. This forms the iris and pupil.
Dip the toothpick in red food coloring and draw streaks on the eyeball. This forms the broken blood vessels.
Place these eyeballs on the plate and serve.

And here’s more Halloween party recipes, if you dare!

Sticky Brain

YOU NEED: a pack of Jello, a can of berries in thick syrup (your preference), a carton of small-curd cottage cheese, any color food coloring


Prepare the Jello according to guidelines on the pack.
Chill it.
Take a bowl and mix berries and cottage cheese. This is the brain matter you’re making.
Add food coloring.
Take a plate and put a few big spoonfuls of chilled Jello. This is the brain fluid.
Pour thick syrup over it.
Top it with berries and cheese mixture.
The sticky brain is ready to serve.

Your guests will love these Halloween food recipes!

And don’t be surprised if your guests scream in terror. These Halloween recipes are meant to raise every hair of their body and are delicious to eat. But the most fun is convincing the mind to eat them!

Traditional Halloween Recipes

If you’re too horrified with the idea of eating eyeballs and brains, here are a couple of traditional recipes that characterize this spooky day.

One of the favorites is popcorn. For sweet popcorn, you can melt some corn syrup and sugar in a pan and add it to the popcorn. Your guests will love this dish.

Another favorite is caramel apples. Melt some caramel and, if you like, some toffee. As the caramel starts to harden, add chocolate chips and whatever other tidbits fancy your taste buds. Insert apple sticks in the apples and dip them in the caramel. Coat them well. Place them on wax paper to dry. These crunchy apples dripping with caramel will make your guests drool!

There is no “death” to Halloween recipes.


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