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annual-health-checkupsHealth Care Reform is an important topic when it comes to women’s health care . All this week CNN has a series called Health Care Checkup in which senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen will address different topic each day that will focus on the different aspects on the current health care reform bill.

Women are likely to be impacted in a variety of different ways if Obama’s health care reform passes. A report on discusses how the current health care system adversely affects women.  According to this report, women are affected in the following ways:

  • They are more likely to have overall higher heath care costs than men. This is due to a variety of reasons such as increased visits to providers for reproductive health care and the likelihood that women report health issues more than men.
  • They are less likely to be eligible for employer based coverage than their male counterparts, often because they are not full-time employees.
  • Inadequate benefits and higher costs make individual insurance coverage an unreliable source for women. This is due to the way individual premiums are calculated due to the applicant’s existing health problems, age and gender. Besides the cost factor, basic maternity care is deficient in a majority of individual market health insurance policies according to the National Women’s Law Center.
  • Women are more likely to find it more difficult to access health care than men, often due to increased costs.

To date, Elizabeth Cohen has focused on two different topics facing health care reform. Below are the links to the previous topics:

AMA vs. Pres. Obama’s Health Care Reform

Most expensive health care

Tune in to CNN’s Health Care Checkup series each day to hear how a variety of the current issues might affect your health care.


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