Holiday Party Survival Guide

1Holiday Party Survival GuideChances are you’ve been to a holiday party already. How did it go? Did you eat sensibly? No? Well, head into your next party with this survival guide. These tips aim to help you keep better control throughout the rest of the holiday season.

Survival Tip #1: Eat a sensible meal before the party.
It’s a good idea to arrive at parties with at least a partially full stomach. People who go with an empty stomach tend to eat everything in sight. Since your stomach will be full, you’ll have the clarity to pick and choose the treats that you really want, rather than stuffing yourself.

2Holiday Party Survival GuideSurvival Tip #2: Bring a healthy dish to share.
This is my favorite. I love to bring fruit or vegetable salads. I was at a recent party that had practically NO healthy choices without my contributions. Don’t worry if the party that you’re going to isn’t a potluck – the hostess will love you for being so thoughtful, and you’ll have a healthy option to enjoy.

Survival Tip #3: Avoid drinking your calories
Calories add up really quickly with drink after drink. Alcoholic beverages and sweet holiday drinks are simply packed with calories. These calories don’t take up much room in your stomach so you often still feel too hungry and indulge in other treats. A good strategy is to mix wine with seltzer and sip slowly. Otherwise, aim to drink 2-3 glasses of water at the party.

3Holiday Party Survival GuideSurvival Tip #4: Control Your Portions
All of your choices may not be healthy ones, but be careful with your portions. Aim to fill your plate only once or use no more than two small appetizer plates. Since you’ve already eaten a sensible meal before arriving, this rule is going to be easier to keep than you think.

Survival Tip #5: Have a SMALL dessert portion
The holidays are all about sweet treats, so go ahead and partake. But just a taste. Look at desserts as something to savor, not something to fill up on.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy new year from Yeahtips, and contributing writer, Coach Jenn!


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