How to Prepare Homemade Face Cleanser

15-Homemade-Face-Masks-Recipes-585x510A good face cleanser is the best thing you can have for your face. The wonderful thing is that they are easy to prepare and contain no harsh chemicals. In fact, the ingredients are right there in your kitchen.

Natural Ingredients For Your Skin

A blend of gram flour and milk cream is one of the best homemade facial cleansers used since ancient times. It leaves your skin supple and smooth. Another effective cleanser is prepared from fuller’s earth, juice or pulp of cucumber, natural yogurt, red lentil paste, gram flour, and rose-water. Mix these ingredients well to form a paste and apply on your face. Let it dry. Rinse it off by gently scrubbing in upward rotations. This process deep cleanses your face.

You can also prepare homemade face cleanser by mixing plain yogurt and half a cup of oatmeal or cornmeal. Apply on the face and scrub it mildly. Leave for a minute and rinse. This cleanser is great for dry, itchy skin. Instead of oatmeal, you can also use finely grounded walnuts.

Sea salt or bath salt is also an excellent ingredient for natural face cleansers. Want the freshness of lime? Mix 3 tablespoonfuls of lime juice, 4 tablespoonfuls of plain yogurt, 2 tablespoonfuls of honey, and some gram flour to form a paste. Apply on your face and scrub gently. Leave for a minute and rinse. Your face will get an instant glow!

Instead of spending a fortune on chemical cleansers presented glamorously by commercials, try any one of these homemade face cleansers and watch the difference on your skin.


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