How To Add Moisture To Hair In Quick Steps?

12393740-woman-with-flowers-in-her-beautiful-hair-150x114The frizz in your hair is back to haunt you! You love your hair and love them more when they fall gently over your shoulders. You do not wish to hide your long tresses in a bun, especially not this summer. So, the big question is: how to add moisture to hair so that you can flaunt them long?

Frizz happens when you expose your hair to too much sunshine. The hair loses its natural moisture and tends to dry up. The result: dry, ragged, split, brittle, or frizzy hair.

If you truly wish to impress everybody with your lustrous tresses at the evening party, read on to find how to add moisture to hair

How To Put Moisture Back In Your Hair?

  • Stay away from those harsh shampoos and styling products, at least during the summer months.
  • Say “no” to hot irons, blow dryers, and rollers during summer.
  • Choose diluted shampoos or shampoos with conditioners.
  • Instead of blow drying your hair, air dry them naturally.
  • For extra conditioning, apply conditioner to your hair, whether dry or damp, and wrap them with a shower cap or plastic cover. Let the conditioner penetrate deep into your damaged hair for a few hours or overnight.
  • Jojoba oil is best for frizzy hair. You can apply it just before shampooing.
  • When out in the sun for a long time, cover your hair either with a stylish hat or scarf, or other fashion accessories.
  • How to moisture dry hair from within? Well, gulp lots of water during summer to moisturize your hair roots from within.

You’re not alone with dry or frizzy hair. This is one of the commonest problems faced by women the world over. With the right treatment and care, you can bring back the smoothness and shine in your hair.

One of the key ways to keep hair healthy and hydrated is to use the least synthetic and styling products on your hair. Also, when you choose a shampoo or any hair product, read the label carefully. You can also consult a hair expert to know the type of hair and the products that would suit them. Once you do this, you need not worry about how to add moisture to hair, only worry about what you’ll wear to party next Saturday!


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