How to win free things on twitter

i_heart_love_freebies_sticker-p217716785164994832qjcl_400I have run a lot of contest on and giving away over a thousand dollars in prizes. I love to get help promoting my sponsored products and meet new and interesting people each and every contest it really has been a blast over the past few years to give away cash and prizes.

But there are ways you can increase your chances of winning and many ways to win. With the contest, we run here at past winners know that they can increase the number of entries into the contest and thus increase their chances of winning. I give away most contest at random but more often than not it’s the contestants that have the most entries that win.

But there are many other ways to increase the chances of winning on twitter here are some.

Track Hashtags !

Find relevant hashtags to find more contest such as #freebie, #freebies,#contests,#win .

Follow Freebie Tweeters

We have almost 2,000 members at @YeahTips and most of these are freebie and contest Tweeters . Others are :

Visit Freebie Aggregators

Try Reddit :


Follow your favorite brands to see if they are running any current giveaways …

Here are some I love :

Also here are some other posts on finding more freebies and giveaways ….

Do you have any tips to winning more freebies and contest online and on twitter ? Please leave a comment below.


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