Just a Word Can Calm Your Stress

Just a Word Can Calm Your Stress.2Studies are now showing that using a mantra–a phrase or word that is repeated to calm the mind and ease anxiety–can actually reduce stress levels.

This is not just about distraction. It’s about tapping that deeper part of your mind, the subconscious, and helping it get over whatever mental hurdle Just a Word Can Calm Your Stress.1you’re currently facing.

We all know that sitting in traffic can be killer on your nerves. Likewise, wondering how you’ll pay your bills can also reek havoc on your mental well-being. That’s why it’s recommended you pick a mantra and use it throughout the day to trigger a calming effect.

Just a Word Can Calm Your Stress.3From WebMD.com, try one of the following mantras:

– Shalom

– Om mani padme hum

– Take it easy



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