Keep Track of What You’re Eating

We’re all eating better, but it’s been proven that people do better moving to a healthier eating plan if they keep a food log. If you’re like me, that’s a daunting task. But the internet has made this a little easier.

1Keep Track of What You’re EatingThese are 2 sites that I have used to keep track of my food. They both are great, but even better they are both free to use. There are tons of sites that make you pay for what they give you. Give them a try, you won’t feel like you are on a free site at all.

I have been a member at sparkpeople for over a year. One of the best things here is the community. There is a group for you no matter what interests you. And in these groups, many of them have challenges that allow the members to get more support and move towards similar goals. There are also free exercises videos by Coach Nicole, inspirational quotes, really a lot of everything you could want. The only thing I find a lacking is their food database. I end up entering in all my recipes, and most of the pre-packaged food that I do eat.

2Keep Track of What You’re Eating
This site has a huge database of foods to pick from. I love the way you can enter in a chain and get a list of nutritional information before you go out. It’s much easier to make better choices that way. It’s recently become part of, so I expect its forums and group will have even more activity. Whatever you’re into, you’ll find a group where you feel at home. If you hate entering nutritional details, this could be the easiest site for you.

Happy goal setting to you!



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