Lizard Spit: MmmMmm Good

Ever heard of Byetta?

Probably not. This drug, from Gila monster spit, is a relatively new medicine used primarily to treat non-insulin dependent Type II diabetes and is still fairly unknown.

But that could change.

I have personally used this drug for a related medical condition, as so-called ‘off label’ use. Unfortunately, insurance companies are still fairly strict on such off-label use and I couldn’t continue after my sample ran out. (At $200/month to purchase it was far too pricey.)

But even in the short 6 weeks I was on it, I saw huge weight loss benefits. And crowds are taking notice.

There’s a growing interest in marketing this as a weight loss drug. It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s nauseating to adjust to, requires twice daily injections, is expensive, and does have risks.

But it’s also amazing. It worked wonderfully for me and I was sad to stop taking it. You may hear more about it soon. Lizard spit never looked so good!


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