Lower Your Cholesterol–By Eating!

1Lower Your Cholesterol–By Eating!With the world so quick to medicate these days, why not go the natural route when lowering your cholesterol? Here are eight proven “super-foods”:

1. Oatmeal-This food is rich in beta-glucan, a soluble fiber that soaks up the bad cholesterol like a sponge. Try putting some splenda and sugar-free maple syrup in it for breakfast.

2. Almonds-These contain two very powerful antioxidants, vitamin E and flavonoids which naturally keep out the bad and keep in the good. Be careful of the salty or candied versions, however.

3. Flaxseed-Contains that soluble fiber that the M.D.’s say not only keeps you feeling full, but soaks up that cholesterol before it sinks in. For those of you who have never had this, it’s slightly nutty flavored, and tastes great with Food #1 on this list.

2Lower Your Cholesterol–By Eating!4. Garlic-has the ability to hinder the liver’s ability to make cholesterol. Cool! Garlic Bread anyone? Just make sure you have an extra piece of gum afterwards.

5. Plant foods-Fruits, nuts, seeds, berries and vegetable oils can block cholesterol from entering intestinal cells. I know, we’re not squirrels, but these woodland creatures have the right idea.

6. Apples-They contain polyphenols that help prevent build up. Also, keep in mind that urban myth–it burns more calories eating the apple than the apple actually contains.

7. Beans-Contain our favorite, soluble fiber. I know, beans beans the musical fruit—but that’s one healthy instrument.

3Lower Your Cholesterol–By Eating!8. Soy protein-Also good for the liver, it improves its’ ability to rid the body of harmful cholesterol. Whey protein comes in chocolate and vanilla, and makes for good shakes.



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