Make a beaded bookmark

[wpexitpage]1Make a beaded bookmarkThere are so many bead-crafting projects that make great gifts!  A beaded bookmark  is easy to make, and is a perfect gift for anyone you know who reads books–not the Kindle kind! There are many kinds of bookmarks you can make–with seed beads, leather cording, silk or other types of twine–this is a simple example using pretty heavy-gauge silk thread.

There are some simple items that you can get at a good craft or beading store, or you may have beads from broken jewelry that you’d like to re-purpose. The key tool that you’ll need is a pair of needle-nosed pliers. If you’d like to continue making bead craft projects, they are a must.

Other materials you’ll need: Silk thread, four “crimp” beads, a beading needle, beads, spacers and charms to create the dangling ends of your beaded bookmark. Choose whatever you think looks pretty together–this will be the part than dangles out of the book, you’ll want something that’s fairly sturdy  to stay put when the bookmark is in the book.

2Make a beaded bookmarkCut your silk thread to a length of about 12 inches. Thread the beading needle,and string on the charm you’d like to use as the end of the beaded bookmark, and then string a crimp bead. Loop the thread around the charm and double back through the crimp bead. Pull the thread taut so that the charm is secure. Crimp the crimp bead with your needle-nosed pliers. Now thread the beading needle on the other end.of your silk cord and  add your beads in any pattern you like, to make about 1 to 1.2 inches of beading. Add another crimp bead and slide it down to the last bead, pulling tight, and crimp it to keep the beads in place.

3Make a beaded bookmarkMeasure enough “empty” cord so that it will fit the length of a book, and then begin the other end of the beaded bookmark.  Add a crimp bead and tightly crimp it in the place that you want the other  bead dangle to begin. You can repeat the pattern of your first set of beads (stringing them in the opposite order) or add a completely different bead design–it’s up to you.

End the pattern with a crimp bead, and string the beads down so that they are snug. Double back through the crimp bead with the needle. Pull it through until you have a very small loop at the end and crimp the crimp bead.

And there you have it–a pretty and easy beaded bookmark. Once you’ve learned tha bascis fo crimp beads, you can move on to more elaborate projects, but this is a good way to learn some basic bead craft.

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