Managing Feelings of Grief

Grief is a natural process when we are dealing with the loss of someone we love. Loss of appetite, sleeplessness, fatigue and lack of concentration are all symptoms of grief. We need to learn how to deal with our feelings and be patient with ourselves and others during difficult times.

Masking feelings with alcohol or drugs is only a temporary solution and can actually have more harming effects. When we are dealing with loss, it is not a good idea to make big life decisions. We need to remember that time can heal and fill the emptiness in our hearts, but we need to give ourselves time to recognize our feelings.

Here are a few ways we can practice healthy grieving:

  • Allow yourself to cry and recognize the mixture of feelings.
  • Be patient with yourself and others.
  • Try to find a higher purpose in your life.
  • Allow yourself time to get over the intense feelings of loss.
  • Accept help from friends and family who want to help.
  • Rest your body.
  • Maintain healthy nutrition.
  • Try to avoid alcohol and addictive stimulants during this time.
  • Embrace gentleness and love.

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