Optimum Health Institute: Day 1

As you may remember, I went to the Optimum Health Institute (OHI) last week for 6 days.  And as promised, I will be sharing the program I followed each day.

Day 1 (Monday): Each day at OHI starts out with a gentle exercise class held in the main multi-purpose room.  Since OHI runs on a consecutive 3-week program, there are always new guests rotating in and out.  This class is designed for people of all ages.  It focuses on stretching the muscles from the head down.  The middle of the class is broken up by a 1-mile walk around the campus, breathing deeply and really helping you get ready for your full day ahead.

After exercise class, a light melon breakfast was served.  All meals at OHI are based on a strict vegan raw food diet.  Next, it’s off to Program Basics for those of us who were 1st weekers.  In this class we were instructed on how to properly use our planner books to help optimize our stay here and to keep ourselves organized.  Wheatgrass juice and Rejuvelac, made from Quinoa and water which helps regularity and digestion by providing good bacteria and enzymes, are a daily part of life at OHI.

After we were briefed on how to properly organize ourselves for the week and what to expect, we followed suit to our next class, Juicing Instruction.  In this short session, we learned how to juice our own wheat-grass, 2-4 oz. daily for consumption and 4 oz. daily for “implants”.  I’ll get into that more in tomorrow’s blog.  I was surprised to find out that OHI is the fourth leading producer of wheatgrass in the country.  With an abundance of wheatgrass at our disposal, we wasted no time filing into the wheatgrass juicing room and trying out their commercial-grade machines.

Lunch is served every day at 12:30 and mainly consists of raw veggies, seed cheeses and sometimes, seed crackers.  I learned that in order to aid the digestion process, you should not drink any liquids ever with your food.  If you are thirsty, you should drink water or Rejuvelac about 5-10 minutes before you eat a meal.  I have to say that I never really “took” to the food there.  It’s definitely a shock to the system and prepared with minimal spices.

After lunch, we had a Tools for Change class.  Did you know that we have approximately 60,000 thoughts a day and that 95% of those thoughts are recirculated? We practiced quieting our minds in an Alpha state and learned a useful technique called Cancel/Cancel, which is a way to change our thoughts/perspective.  Using this technique, we can change our negative thoughts into positive thoughts, immediately after they enter our minds.

Luckily, by this point in the day, we had a bit of a break from classes.  I was able to get in an afternoon exercise class and a gentle stretch (yoga) class.  Ahhh…

About 6pm every evening, dinner is served.  Fresh veggies, seed cheeses and seed crackers are yet again on the menu!

At the end of the day, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed but happy with the changes I wanted to make in my life and happy knowing that I was in a safe, loving place with the tools to make those changes.  I went to my last class of the day, Relaxation Pain Control.  In this class, we learned about how to use visualization techniques to relax, calm and elevate our moods.  Visualization is also helpful in lowering blood pressure and blood sugar.  Pain is a signal.

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