Optimum Health Institute: Day 4

Day 4:  Food Combining

Day 4 was packed full of invaluable information that we would all use after leaving the gates of OHI.  It’s hard to imagine that the order in which we eat our food and in what combination we eat it would make a difference in digestion, but it does.  As I said in an earlier post, drinks such as water, Rejuvelac or juices should always be consumed within 5-30 minutes of eating any foods and should NEVER be consumed WITH food.

We should be able to get all of the minerals and nutrients we need every day just from the foods we eat.  And eating whole raw foods in their freshest, most natural state are best.  There are 2 types of raw foods:

  1. Predigested, which are sprouts like those of seeds, nuts, grains and beans
  2. Fermented, which are sauerkraut, Rejuvelac, seed cheese (made from sunflower & sesame seeds) and Essene crackers (fermented flat bread)

We can get the freshest foods by growing it ourselves.  But if that’s not an option, we can buy fresh, organic fruits and veggies at farmer’s markets or from the growers, themselves called CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture).

We lose nutrition when we change the structure from a whole food to a processed food.  Here are several ways nutrition is processed:

  • Heat: At 118 degrees, enzymes are lost.
  • Freezing: Breaks down fiber and enzymes are lost.
  • Juicing: Liquid is seperated from fiber.
  • Dehydration: Done at 105 degrees.
  • Mechanical: Chopping, dicing, blending

Although there is quite a bit of information out there about food combining and how to do it properly to get the optimal benefits of food, here are a few simple rules of proper food combining you can follow at home:

  • Liquids alone
  • Fruits alone (try to keep with the same kind of fruit)
  • Melons alone
  • Do not combine protein and starches
  • Do not combine acid and sweet fruits

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