Optimum Health Institute-San Diego

The Optimum Health Institute (OHI)

The Optimum Health Institute (OHI)  in San Diego is known worldwide, mainly by word of mouth.  I visited their beautifully serene, peaceful campus yesterday and found that everything I had heard about the magic of OHI was, in fact, correct.

The mission of OHI is to help promote mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing.  The best way to experience OHI is to attend one of their Sunday evening orientation sessions.  They are held from 4-6pm at the OHI campus in Lemon Grove, CA.

At the orientation, you will take a tour of the premises where you will see the wheat grass greenhouse, organic garden, pool and hot tub area and the  residential quarters.  After touring the grounds, you will attend an introduction where you will learn about OHI’s three-week sessions including classes drawn from 22 ancient spiritual disciplines.

The sessions are broken down into three 1-week courses.  Guests learn how to detoxify and purify the body with a vegetarian raw foods diet, fasting and juicing.  They also learn how to quiet the mind with journaling and meditation; and how to strengthen the body with yoga and light exercise.

OHI simply is a place of love, hope and faith in oneself.  Miracles really do happen; and if your body and spirit are in need of some nurturing and healing, I highly recommend visiting OHI for a tour of their facilities.  Trust me, you won’t want to leave.

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    Does anyone want to team up to do bring a buddy next month and share the cost.


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