Sculpting Video Shows Chest Workouts for Firmer Breasts

The sculpting video beautifully shows how you can work out your chest. However, you’re left with the fear of developing flat-chested muscular look, which is appealing only on males. Some women even get bizarre ideas like “My boobs would disappear!!”

Ladies, nothing like this will happen! You must know that the build of your body is different from that of men. Those female body-builders with muscular arms, chest, and legs have deliberately made themselves like that because of their profession.

The body sculpting video showing chest workouts will, in no way, make you like them. Instead, the workouts will help lift your breasts and prevent them from sagging. You can keep up your sexy cleavage even after 40 thanks to body sculpting tips!


Body sculpting video

Chest Stretching Exercise


Remember, before you begin a workout for any part of the body, you need to stretch the muscles first for a warm up. For chest, here is what you do:

  • Stand straight.
  • Hang your arms to the sides with the face of your palms behind you.
  • Slowly, push your arms to the back until you feel your chest muscles stretching.
  • Begin with 1-2 sets and gradually increase to 3 sets.
  • For beginners, 8 repetitions are best with an increment of 12-15 repetitions later.


Many women hesitate doing push-ups for the same reason that they would develop a manly look. Well, no sculpting video is going to turn you into a man! They want to maintain your feminine grace and appeal. The only thing that will happen is you become fit, energetic, and sexier. Push-up is the best exercise for strengthening your arm and chest muscles.

So, here we go:

  • Beginners, do an incline push-up.
  • Take a workout bench and place your hands on the bench. It should be a little more than shoulder width apart.
  • Place your toes on the floor. Spread your legs a little.
  • Lower yourself to the bench slowly in such a way that your chest is 6 inches from the bench.
  • Raise yourself slowly and revert to the original position.

In push-ups, you must ensure that your butt is not lifted or your neck does not hang out. Your legs and back should be in one straight line. You must watch the sculpting video carefully to see the exact position. After a couple of weeks of bench practice, you’re ready for floor push-ups.

Bench Press

Take a dumbbell in each hand, at 90 degree angle to your sides. Your palms should face forward. With the dumbbells in hand, lie flat on the bench. Raise the dumbbells up slowly without locking your elbows. Lower them to the original position. You can get home a body sculpting dvd and learn the exact technique of such workouts.

There are other workouts too, like dumbbell fly and cable fly. A good sculpting video gives a detailed demonstration of exercises for beginners as well as for regular exercisers. It’s time you got one video too and stopped thinking that chest workouts are only for men. Ah, yes! Please consult your doctor before starting any kind of workout.


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