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Shine On.1
I recently attended a workshop entitled “Understanding Men” (don’t laugh) and I’d like to share a piece of information with you.

The instructors in the workshop broke down the fundamentals of attraction, both physical and mental. The number 4 physical attribute a man finds most attractive is: Shiny Hair. Yes, shiny hair. Forget the large breasts, full lips, thin thighs and tight booty– men like a full head of hair that gleams in the light. Below are a few ways you can do that healthy shine and make the men in your life putty in your hands.

Shine On.2Diet: No, not as in cutting calories, but eat more foods rich in Omega 3’s. Foods like salmon, avocado, flaxseed, nuts and almonds contain a high amount of these omega’s that give to that shine.

Clarity: The products you use on a daily basis like gel, hairspray or moose can cause buildup in your hair which takes away the shine. Use a clarifying shampoo once or twice a week.

Condition: Dry, brittle hair does not shine. Make sure you condition every time you wash– if you feel the conditioner weighs your hair down, only condition the bottom half–hold your hair like you’re putting in it a ponytail, and just condition that bottom half.

Shine On.3Drying: Hair is sensitive when wet. When you towel dry your hair, squeeze out the excess water and blot dry. Do not rub! Your hairs will break and you will damage the cuticle.

Products: Try a shine spray. Many different product lines carry them. Just like with conditioner, only use on the lower half of your hair to avoid making it greasy or weighing it down.

Shine on, women!


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