Skin Truth or Tall Tale?

Skin-care-myths-5There are so many different claims out there when it comes to skin–what products to use, in what order, what products not to use, home remedies, etc–any woman can wake up in the morning and not know what to do with herself! Since skin rumors are as rampant as celebrity gossip, here are a couple truths to live by and tall-tales to toss out the window.

Rumor #1–A toner does wonders for your skin.  Verdict– Tall Tale.  The only thing that needs regular toner is the printer in your office.  Unless you have super oily or broken out skin, simply cleansing works just as well.  “But what about all the gunk I see on the cotton ball after I use it?”  Simple– that’s just normal oil on your skin–use too much toner, and it will strip your skin of those oils that it needs.

Rumor #2–Toothpaste can dry up a zit.  Verdict–Truth.  The ingredients in your friendly toothpaste dries up the oil in your pimple, and can even do so over night.  Try putting a dab on your blemish and sleeping on it.

Rumor #3–You need to use a moisturizer and a separate anti-aging cream–one to moisturize, another to zap the wrinkles.  Verdict–Tall Tale.  Wrinkles are caused by a loss of collegen in the skin, which is caused by lack of moisture.  Start using a moisturizer every day, and you won’t need to use a serum as well.

Rumor #4–You can shave your legs with the conditioner you use for your hair.  Verdict–True.  This product does the same for the hairs on your legs as it does for the ones on your head.  Conditioner will soften the leg hair, making it easier to come up.

Rumor #5–The higher the SPF, the more sun protection you have.  Verdict– Both.  While using an SPF of 15 is much better than using one around 4, dermo’s say that after you hit SPF 30, it’s all the same.

Rumor #6– Doing more equals more results.  Verdict–Tall Tale. Going overboard does not ensure perfect skin.  You only need to wash twice a day, and don’t use more of a product than instructed to.  Odds are high that you’ll only do more bad for your skin than good.

Rumor#7–All your products need to be in the same line.  Verdict–Tall Tale.  Mix it up! You can use a wash from one brand and a moisturizer from another.  There’s a large world of skin care products out there, and just because one product works for you, doesn’t mean another one in that same line will.  Use what works best for you.


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