Some Stability You Can Count On

Some Stability You Can Count On.3How do I lose those last 10 lbs?!  With a stability ball!

These contraptions are the best thing that’s happened to working out since Jane Fonda or Jazzercise.  Any workout done on a stability ball is more intense because your core muscles are being forced to stabilize your entire body.

Some Stability You Can Count On.2Ab workouts are twice as effective–just sit on the ball, lean back, and do your regular sit-ups.  You can also place the ball in between your legs for leg-lifts.

Arm workouts are great on the ball because you are also working your core at the same time.  Try your triceps, bench press etc while sitting on the ball, ab muscles contracted.

Some Stability You Can Count On.1Check out these top 10 Stability Ball Workouts that you can do in your own home:

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