Starbucks New Healthier Fare

Starbucks New Healthier Fare.1When I walked into Starbucks this morning, the season had changed. The smoothie ads were gone, and they had ads up for the new healthier breakfast food. How healthy is Starbucks healthy?  You can’t go wrong with oatmeal, but remember that toppings count too.

Here are the new items:

Starbucks New Healthier Fare.3Perfect Oatmeal 140 cal/2.5g fat/5g protein/4g fiber
You can also add one of these:

  • Dried Fruit – add 100 cal
  • Brown Sugar – add 50 cal
  • Nut Medley – add 100 cal

Berry Stella 280 cal/9g fat/6g protein/6g fiber
A whole wheat oat bar with dried berries. It’s sweetened mostly with brown sugar, but does contain invert syrup.

Chewy Fruit and Nut Bar 250 cal/10g fat/5g protein/4g fiber
Oats and rice make up this bar full of dried fruit and nuts. It’s mainly sweetened with molasses.

Multigrain Roll 280 cal/8g fat/7g protein/7g fiber
A mix of white and whole wheat flour is the base for this cracked wheat and flax roll. You choose almond butter or fruit preserves with it, but I wasn’t able to find nutritional info on either at Starbucks’ site.

Starbucks New Healthier Fare.2Apple Bran Muffin 330 cal/8g fat/7g protein/7g fiber
This muffin is a little larger than Starbucks’ regular fare. There is no nutritional info online for this yet, though the brochure mentioned the numbers above. This is what I choose. It’s a little dry, but I’ve come to expect that in a bran muffin, but the baked apple pieces and dried cherries really give it a nice flavor.

Another thing they mention is getting protein powder added to your coffee drink. I think I’ll stick to my smoothie for now!




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