The Vital Vitamin D

2The Vital Vitamin DOur bodies are complicated marvels who need many important nutrients to function properly and keep us healthy. A new study on Vitamin D is trying to push it to the head of the pack

People who do not get enough vitamin D are at greater risk of dying from all causes, say researchers.

A study of 13,000 people found a 26 per cent extra risk of death after nine years among those with the lowest vitamin D levels compared with the highest.

That’s a pretty good argument for “the D”, don’t you think?

1The Vital Vitamin DAs a society we seem to be moving further and further indoors. We move from our home cave, to our work cave, to the big box cave, and back again. The best way you can ensure you’re getting plenty of vitamin D is to enjoy the sunshine! It’s free, it’s inviting, it will only burn if you don’t protect yourself.

If the indoor life is just too demanding, make sure include some fish, especially tuna, salmon, or other “oily fish” and get this very important vitamin.


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