Use Bare Mineral Makeup to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowing

Foundation is a must have for any women looking to get the perfect look after a make-up application. A lot of foundations are only concerned with covering up your blemishes and giving you flawless skin while you’re wearing their product. What happens however when you take their product off? Does your skin go back to looking blotchy or being irritated? With Bare Mineral make-up you can keep your skin looking flawless as well as healthy and glowing.

Bare Mineral make-up is a relatively new make-up brand however, it has made a big splash in the cosmetic industry. If you want to go to the beach and look good Bare Mineral powder is the foundation to wear. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends this foundation to prevent skin cancer due to extensive exposure to sunlight.

The company that started Bare Minerals is Bare Escentuals and they started in California around 1976. The mission of the company was to make cosmetics that are healthy to women of all skin colors, all ages and all skin types. Even if your skin is oily the Bare Mineral powder is sure to give you healthy and glowing long after you take it off. The Bare Mineral powder was also created using all natural products. A lot of the Bare Mineral products have SPF 15 to keep your skin smooth and replenished in the sun. There are no oils or fragrances to irritate your skin in case your skin is sensitive.

A lot of women have minor skin conditions such as Acne and dry skin. If they use the wrong foundation it can cause them to have breakouts or cause their skin to crack. Bare Minerals lets women look good while helping to cure their skin condition. The natural ingredients in the foundation can eliminate break outs and nourish the skin. Unlike many other foundations Bare Mineral powder does not clog your pores (which will eventually cause you to have breakouts). Bare Mineral makeup can be long for as long or as little as you want. Have a romantic night planned? You can even wear Bare Mineral makeup while your asleep because it is so good for your skin.

Sometimes it is really difficult to determine what skin type is right for you. Applying a foundation that is too dark can make your skin look unnatural, wearing a foundation that is too light can make your skin look pale and pasty. With Bare Mineral makeup it is a good idea to wear a shade darker than your skin. Because the Bare Mineral is so flawless the shade will blend in with your skin with no problem.

So what exactly is in this great cosmetic product made of? The ingredient that vies you the best protection SPF 15 protection is Titanium Dioxide. The beauty of this ingredient is that is stays right on the surface of the skin. While it is on the skin the makeup scatters the UV lights and creates a barrier that will block any harmful rays from getting in. Bare Mineral is really useful if you love to layout at the beach and tan.

Zin Oxide is a really great ingredient because it gives a cool and soothing feel to your skin. You want makeup that is going to make you feel and look good, you should not have to suffer for beauty. At this point your are probably dying to know where you can buy this product. Bare Mineral by L’oreal might be a little more expensive than what your used to but it is worth the quality. You can buy Bare Minerals at your local drug store or for $25


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