Walk This Way!

Walking is a wonderful way to burn calories and fat while improving your mental well being.  It is one of the many free activities you can do to keep yourself looking trim and fit in 2009!

If you have back pain, osteoporosis, diabetes or even stress, walking can help allieviate some of the pain by improving muscle tone and strengthening the heart.  In this day and age, we’re all trying to turn the hands of time back to regain some of our youthfulness.  We obsess about our weight and vow to be more fit as our New Year’s resolutions.

Well, this year, you can start your new health regimen with a simple walking plan.  First, start out gently with your body.  If you’re not used to daily exercising, keep it short.  Start with 10 minutes a day until you feel comfortable and don’t have to huff and puff for air.  Remember to breathe deeply, in and out, during your walk.  When you feel that you’re ready, increase your time to 15 or 20-minute walks or change your walking route to include more hills for a little resistance.

Gradually, increase your walking time to fit your lifestyle and your goals.  Remember, this is something that can benefit you your entire life.  So be gentle with your body and create a fitness plan that you know you can stick to.  All you need to get started is a good pair of walking shoes!

A good rule of thumb when you are first starting out and trying to gauge your pace is the “walking test”.  If you cannot hold a conversation with someone without getting out of breath, you’re walking too fast.  Slow it down a bit to a more comfortable pace.  This will ensure that you do not injure or over exert yourself.

What is your fitness walking plan?

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