What to do with all that CANDY??

1What to do with all that CANDYOk, Halloween is over, now what? If you are like many families, you have way too much candy and don’t really want to pay the dentist bills to have your kids eat it all. Or, if you are like me, you also just don’t want your kids eating that much junk (or have that much temptation around the house either. Luckily, I’ve been chatting with other moms and surfing the web for some ideas about what we can do to minimize the amount of candy we want to have around the house. Here are some great ideas:

The Candy Fairy
Have the Candy Fairy visit your house. Some moms suggest that either a Candy or Halloween Fairy come visit your house and leave a small toy or some money in place of a bag of candy that your child chooses to give away.

2What to do with all that CANDYCash for Candy
Many Dentists nationwide are participating in the Cash for Candy campaign. Participating offices that I’ve found are giving between one to five dollars for each pound of candy donated. The candy is then sent to our troops for holiday treat bags. Check with your local dentist to see if they are participating.

Give to Church
Many churches are also participating in a candy collection campaign. Some are sending the candy to the troops and some are saving the goodies to give out for other holidays throughout the year to families in need.

3What to do with all that CANDYBake and share
A lot of Halloween candy makes for good additions to baked goods like cookies, cakes, brownies, and more. Make batches for upcoming bake sales, holiday parties, etc.

What other ideas do you have, we’d love to hear them.


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